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All the while, the Sun conjoins Pluto and squares Uranus, spotlighting the relationship between your financial status, lifestyle and creative aspirations. Though there will be time for fun projects and good times, there are a number of indicators that the next several weeks are more concerned with getting your money right.

This set of aspects highlights the importance of maintaining inner stability amidst a regular onslaught of colorful and potentially distracting sensoria. Here the Sun re-emphasizes the transformative ordeal you have either just left behind, are in the middle of, or are soon to begin.

The focus is on the changes to your identity occurring as a result of this slow motion initiation. This configuration speaks to the entanglement and exchange of resources between yourself and others. It may be worth spending some time affirming boundaries where finances are concerned. Take your time walking this mausoleum. Examine the monuments to your successes and failures, and do not fear to chat with the ghosts you encounter there.

Venus rides across Sagittarius this week and there encounters the Saturn-Neptune square, highlighting your hopes, dreams, fears and delusions about your role in the world. Do not let your uncertainty prevent you from playing your part.

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These aspects serve to accentuate the relationship between your participation in groups and the resources you have at your disposal. Lessons surround the dynamic of supporting, and being supported by, a community. This combination of factors suggests a not-inconsiderable focus on your place within the collective, one which is due to last for the next several weeks. Every play has a structure, and each character a part meaningful only in the context of the others.

Find yours and affirm it. I read variants of this every year.

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Good crazy hails from the majestic, turbulent realm of the soul, does not give a fuck, and cannot be stopped. You discover it. Good crazy is a result of surrender to something bigger, deeper and truer than the conscious personality. Unfortunately, it is easy to confuse with bad crazy. So how do you tell the good crazy from the bad? It wants to give, and give everything. Bad crazy, which is most crazy, is fundamentally about aversion. It hates this. It drowns itself in pleasure to avoid that. Its root is always negation.

Just as the varieties of socially transmissible madnesses out there are often treated as normal or even desirable, good crazy often gets a bad name. His vision s can be invaluable when forming a working. I really needed this reminder about the power and perspicacity of Good Crazy…. It is the solar-martial fire that moves broken limbs. Though the body can be broken, what resides within the heart is untouchable, invincible. Put these page to fire. Let them burn like silent, fragile phoenixes. Burn them black, though black is only the beginning. Under the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Leo, take the darkened remains and cast them skyward, into the very heart of the Sun.

This heavenly calcination will result in a shower of white flakes, a gentle snowfall in mid-summer. Now that you have the ashes, look to your body, your heart. You have been called to make sacrifices this season, some of them torn bodily from you. Though you conceal it bravely, you bleed. Like 6 billion other martyrs, you bleed, and the wine of your sacrifice is as holy as any other. It is the blood of the phoenix and that of the pelican, which pierces its own breast.

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It is the price of renewal, and you have been paying it. Gather the rogue droplets and mix them with the ashes of the stories that will never be. Place the mixture beneath the fire of the Sun and above the fire of the earth. Stir the mixture slowly and ask for the blessings of both the Phoenix and the Crow, the birds of Life and Death. If the process is performed correctly, what results will be a potent ink. What is written in this ink will come to pass, the letters penned in it giving form to the future.

Yet I warn you to be frugal with it, and commit only the most worthy and beautiful tales to the page. External image. A favorable mention in an essay is not the only reason to read a book of essays, though. Austin Coppock….


Austin Coppock

Once in an astrologer…. There is nothing quite as powerful as a full moon in the spring time — no matter if you draw her down, or use her to power your spells, or simply bathe in her sliver glow… at the hight of her power she is a beautiful thing. Instead of racing forward, June moves in circles, spiraling in on a set of core truths. Climaxes and exciting conclusions abound. On Wednesday Mercury opposes retrograde Mars in Virgo.

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Gently drifting thoughts are conscripted into the service of concrete agendas. Miscommunications, missing communications and an irritated tone to thoughts float about the middle of the week, especially Wednesday.

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This, this kicked my ass. Lady Aflame - in which I wax lyrically on planetary magic, She-Ra fan art, and enchantment. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, and Venus has stationed direct in Libra—two benefics in their domiciles. I began this experiment after having several brainstorms. Indeed, I have been paying enough attention to what was going on in my life and in….

Log in Sign up. Saturn is a hard teacher, and often instructs via necessity. Horoscopes by Austin Coppock January 4 - 10, Aries: The Ram Mercury stations retrograde on Tuesday morning, raising questions about your position within the social world, as well as your relationships to friends and colleagues.

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Taurus: The Bull Mercury stations retrograde on Tuesday morning, highlighting the structure of your professional situation. There are new directions here, novel plans to hang your aspirations on. Yet do not rush too quickly toward them, for there are likely complications hiding in the next few weeks. Approach plans with due diligence and you will be duly rewarded. Meanwhile, Mars in Scorpio squares stationing Mercury, spotlighting potential trouble in relationships. You may need to resolve said situations before you can turn your mind fully to professional questions.

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New possibilities open in a confusing splay of thoughts and directions, yet those novel possibilities are likely to be limited by the current necessity for action. Take care of business first, then ponder the potentials. There are issues here, but none so insistent as those emanating from Mars in Scorpio.

Mars is in a mood to demand a significant amount of energy from you, drawing out your desire to birth a variety of projects. Your creations, be they children, monsters or macaroni greeting cards, will be tugging at your sleeve for some months this year, begging to be born and subsequently tended to.

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There may be unspoken truths which need to make an appearance, or a dynamic that needs to be renegotiated. This may well be complicated by Mars in Scorpio, which activates issues surrounding home and family. Mars in Scorpio is likely to reveal to you both the power and poison of familial bonds. The plan is to cover every angle of time as it unfolds, from the granularity of daily analysis to the grand vistas of epochal overviews.